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Violence Interruption Model

Interrupt Transmission

Reduce Highest Risk

Change Community Norms

“Violence can be navigated and it can be addressed.” – Dr. Ron Williams

The Results of  “the cure”

Participant Recruitment

The Chester Peace Intiative Program Recruited an average of 3 participants a month, which resulted in 20 CPI participants in the first 9 month of operation.

Phone Call or In-person meeting

Relationship Building

• Participants are contacted four times per week (2 in-person and 2 calls).
• We have conducted 25 mediations with participants over the last 9 months.
• We have dispensed 3,100 pieces of public education literature.
• We’ve conducted 8 presentations to faith based, city government, businesses and residents at-large via Zoom, in-person or on social media.